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21 October 2010


I have found myself struggling a bit with life's demands all the while the clock is ticking and I am getting closer and closer to turning 40 and have  found I need to re-evaluate where I am at, where I am going & where I want to be.  Rest was much needed.  Slowing down a bit and working to accept where I am at is a work in progress.

Like most of us, I've been attempting too much all at once.  Sometimes there just are not enough minutes in the day & it's so important to make time for the things that are most important to us.  I needed to give myself a little break and allow myself the time I needed to re-group a bit.

Ways to Revive Your Spirit

  • Revive Your Spirit with Daily Rituals: Every day should consist of a balance of work, play, rest and socializing with others. Our spirit needs to be regularly fed and rejuvenated both physically spiritually.
  • Revive Your Spirit with Rest: Sometimes we need more than just quiet; we need to sleep! A short nap can work wonders for the chaotic inner self. A warm bath, followed by a short nap, may revive you enough to get through the rest of the day’s schedule.
  • Revive Your Spirit with a Mini-Retreat: When the spirit is seriously frayed, more than a few quiet moments, or a short nap, is needed. Declare a “spiritual health” day.
I stumbled upon the above advice at site below:

55 Days & Counting

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