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02 September 2010


Let the training begin!

I've got exactly 10 WEEKS to get ready for my first 10 mile race!!  Signing up has been a great motivator to get me going again.  The longest I've ever run has been 5 miles--the longest race was 4.  I've definitely got my work cut out for me, but I'm pysched!

There are so many great sites filled with tons of info for training, nutrition & more.  I was happy to stumble upon a site [] that had the PERFECT TRAINING PLAN set on a chart for me:


right click on link below to open site in new tab:

I wasn't really sure where to begin ... this chart helped me to fit this plan into my life.  I've had to alter the days a bit - but I plan to follow this guideline as a minimum of what I need to accomplish each week.  It all started with 3 miles TODAY!!!

The race I'm training for is the Iron Girl 10 mile in Tempe, AZ this November.  Right click on link to check it out in a new tab>>>>  Visit IRON~GIRL

104 Days & Counting

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