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23 August 2010


Who doesn't love a great SECRET....?

And who doesn't strive for flawless skin....??  If we only knew at 5 years old, what we now know... we'd all have perfect skin!
Here's a few tips to get your glow on!
Open link below in a new tab:

I'd like to think that many of these "secrets" were actually "reminders" to me ... but - I'm AlWAYS up for trying new things  -- #2 & #7 are my favorites.  

 #17 is such an IMPORTANT MESSAGE  ... I've learned the hard way what can happen when you least expect it - SCHEDULE ROUTINE APPTS. WITH YOUR DERMATOLOGIST!!!

114 Days & counting

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  1. Thanks for the link! For the first time ever, I'm trying to actually take care of my skin!