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22 August 2010


I have become a big fan of  Chipotle Mexican Grill over the years as a "healthy fast-food option"  - but it wasn't until recently that I took the time to read the nutrition info so I could make better choices when I go there.  

First & Foremost:  SKIP THE CHIPS!  570 calories & 27 grams of fat in one of those cute little bags!!!!

You really can order a very healthy & satisfying meal while cutting out the extra calories & fat but without losing the great taste.  And, the portions are generous so you will be full!  

So much of the flavor is already cooked into the meat - so SKIP the rice, cheese, sour cream & guacamole--you'll be much better off!
I opt for the Burrito Bowl with Chicken - SKIP THE TORTILLA!  It'll save you 290 calories & 9 grams of fat! - Truly an extra meal in itself!  Plus, who needs all that flour & the extra carbs..??!!  SKIP IT - YOU WON'T MISS IT!

My Simply Delicious Burrito Bowl:
  • 1/2 serving size of black beans [really cuts down on the sodium!]
  • Chicken
  • 1/2 serving size of tomato salsa [also cuts down sodium]
  • Lots of Lettuce
This is how it breaks down

open link in new tab:

Think I'll grab one for dinner!

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