Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

What decisions will you make today?

17 August 2010


I've had a lot of friends ask me how I've been able to lose the weight & stick to my plan.  It all really boils down to simplicity -- nothing we haven't heard before, but I finally found what works for me!

I began to realize about a year ago that I was putting on weight. I ignored it & pretended it wasn't happening & hoped it would just go away.  I had always been pretty lucky - took fairly good care of myself & maintained the same weight for over 20 years, so I wasn't really sure what to do.  As I am now approaching 40, my body is rebelling so I had to make a decision to get in the game & put up a fight if I was going to have a chance to win the battle.

My Initial Goal:
To Lose weight.

During that first month of truly focusing on losing weight,
my new goals became:
1. Get weight to a level that feels right for my body & maintain it.
2. Increase overall strength.
3. Increase my endurance.
4. Identify stressors & reduce them.
5. Redefine self & purpose.

The first 3 all lend to my overall mind-body-spirit wellness.  Numbers 4 & 5 help me to care enough to put those things first in my life.

REPETITION has been a huge key for me!  I've always been a "list maker" and know that I thrive on routine.  I like to think that it doesn't take away from my ability to be spontaneous, rather it allows me to focus on what I need to so there is room left to have "spur of the moment" fun.

That being said, my weight-loss focus started with my daily routine for nutrition.  Due to my busy schedule, I found it easiest to plan once a week all of my meals for that week.  The days I am at the office, I eat the same things throughout my day -- sometimes with a slight variation -- but always planned in a advance, so I don't even have to think about it.  This was really a blessing because I started to lose weight, gain energy & get excited about the changes.

I also began an on-line food journal which calculates my daily nutrition values for me.  I NEVER thought I'd have to "count calories" but it's actually been very freeing for me.  I look forward to punching in what I've had to eat or drink because it keeps me on track. 

right click on the link below to check it out 
There are also apps for many phones out there if you choose to do this on the go!

So to sum up what I've found is working for me as a way to change my life -- not just go on a crash diet -- it's ROUTINE!  Dr. Oz actually calls it, "Automate your meals."

So just like all of my responsibilities for the week - work - appointments - social activities - all of my nutrition & workout activity gets put on my calendar & I get it done.  I've made the decision to put my health & well being first.  Now I'm accomplishing it.

120 Days & Counting. 

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