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20 August 2010


You never know where exercise & fun may crash into each other!!

Last night, I went over to my Mom & Dad's house for a little dinner with Mom & her very cool friends.  Mom is 66 and is more focused on health & fitness than ever before.  She & my dad got a Wii Fit this year & they've been using it for fun & for maintaining fitness outside of the gym.

Last night, we played several different "games" for the better part of 3 hours - it was totally unexpected FUN!  Where else can you do aerobics, go bowling, snowboarding & work on your archery skills all in one night...??

Seriously gives you a nice little workout while super entertaining at the same time!  Thanks Mom, for being so much fun & having the coolest friends - love all of them!  Dinner & the treats were great also - but glad we worked some of it off!

While this isn't new news  -  just a reminder of so many fun ways we have available to us to get/keep in shape!

open a new tab & check it out!

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