Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

What decisions will you make today?

07 August 2010


This morning, I read on Facebook that one of my girlfriends was training, as of today, for the PF Changs Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in Phoenix: January 2011.

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She's always a good friend for motivation.  She's fit and always seems excited about the next challenge she lays out for herself.  I just started running a few years ago and though I found that I love it, I hit my plateau at 3-5 miles.  I haven't pushed myself to get any faster so whether I run every other day or not for months, I'm always right around the same time.

Something about reading my girlfriend's post today got me  motivated to take part in either the 1/2 Marathon in January, or a 10 mile race in November:

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I know myself pretty well & realize in order to get myself working harder is to set a calendar goal.  I've got to make the decision to sign up for one of [or maybe even both!] these races & get my training on!  The November Race would be a great early birthday present to myself!  Keep you posted on the progress...

Thanks L for the motivation!  You Rock [& Roll!]
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