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06 August 2010


Finding that I still have to push myself to stick to a workout routine - but am falling in love with Pilates all over again.  So glad I made myself do it today - even though it was a struggle to get going.

I first started doing Pilates in 2003 -- it is such a calming workout that works!  I learned enough to do it at home, though still enjoy going to a studio to have an instructor kick my butt in gear from time to time.  Over the years, I've gone up and down with regards to routine - and as of recent have started a some-what regimented weekly Pilates schedule.  I found what works for me is 20-30 minutes each:
Monday Night
Thursday Morning
Friday Morning
Saturday Morning
I mix this up with cardio on Sunday & Wednesday
[Tuesday my calendar is too full - so it's my day off!]

It is amazing how much Pilates whips you into shape.  I was ridiculously SORE after the first few days - but think I've now adjusted into a good rhythm.  I always feel great after - getting started isn't always easy so I remind myself how good it feels when I'm done.  Immediate sense of achievement and physically it's all good!  It's funny, my boyfriend is super athletic - in near perfect shape - but whenever I make him do Pilates with me; it KILLS him!   
Check this out....
I am such a Hulu fan already, so recently I typed in Pilates & found some great new routines.  Anything in repetition is not only boring, but over time is ineffective - so it's great to mix it up & Hulu is 
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what have you got to lose...?

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