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03 August 2010


Today is Tuesday which means my parents will be hosting me for dinner!  I come from a very large family & we are spread out all over the country.  Immediate family includes 3 siblings in 3 different states.  We grew up in Massachusetts but I moved to Arizona when I was 18 to attend ASU; then my parents fell in love with Arizona over time & eventually followed me here 10 years after I moved away.

I'm the lucky one :)
So grateful to have them so close by and very much appreciate that they have me over for dinner every Tuesday.  When my boyfriend is in town, he joins us.  We always look forward to the dinner and the visit.  I curse myself whenever I think Mom or Dad get on my nerves, because these times are precious {& I probably get on their nerves plenty!]. It's always a good reminder to stay grounded [not like when I was 15, but more like humble!]  and to remember the little things that are so important.
I'm grateful for my blessings.

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  1. Very true! I feel that way especially with my grandparents, I am lucky to have them around!

  2. Family is so important!! We don't live close to much family, but we're talking about moving so we can be...

    Just found you through Hungry For Living!