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04 August 2010


It's rare that I turn on the television - but there are some shows I like to chill with once in a while.  I was working on a project tonight & tuned into Chelsea Lately to have on in the background.   
[one of my guilty pleasures!]

~ ~ ~ 
Turns out, Gabrielle Reece was on tonight which was a happy accident that crashed right into my guilty pleasure.  This is one beautiful, fit, funny & inspiring woman & she already turned 40 this year!  I found myself not only enjoying the show and having a good laugh but getting more inspired to work harder.  She's actually got a pretty cool site packed with great fitness, eating & all around healthy living tips.  I've added it to my favorites - so check it out when you need a little inspiration or a kick in the right direction to get your workout on!

Check out the video clip in a new tab if you like:

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