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02 August 2010


I have to say that after just a few weeks of re-focusing and remembering to balance the right foods with the right amount of activity each day -- I truly feel so much better!  This is not rocket science, rather getting back to what I know I SHOULD be doing.

It's MONDAY and usually I'm dragging after the weekend.  Not today!  I think it finally hit me today that I truly am already feeling the benefits of taking good care of myself.  This all used to come so easy.  But... pushing 40 has changed things up on me! 

~ ~ ~

I currently work in an office [sitting down!!!] 3 days a week which is a HUGE shift in activity for me [or lack of!]  I've had to get creative with my office time.  I walk 15 minutes 2x each day -- morning & afternoon.  I've also taken to utilizing my lunch hour to walk through a favorite store or the mall [it's HOT in Arizona at this time of year - so staying inside is key!!]. 

~ ~ ~

I've been snacking on apples, blueberries and sometimes a handful of raw almonds.  I need crunch when I reach for a snack!  I've also become a big fan of Extra Gum [though it does contain aspartame] - only a few calories in a stick & it really helps curb the notion that I want to snack -- even though I'm not hungry -- when I'm sitting still.
~ ~ ~

Lunch is a Luna Bar - which is more than sufficient to satisfy me as well as give me good nutritional value [& keeps me from sitting down at a restaurant eating way too much!].  I've tried and looked at lots of bars on the market.  I found Luna Bar years ago at a 5K and I'm still hooked.  This is a really good organic & healthy choice.
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Check out Luna Bar in a new tab:

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136 days & counting...

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  1. I LOVE your blog and what you are trying to acomplish. I feel we are on very similar paths when it comes to getting ourselves to be the best we can be! I look forward to reading more! I also love your tag line! Keep up the good work!