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What decisions will you make today?

01 August 2010


A lesson I am forever attempting to learn!  
I've had to accept where I am and set some serious goals for myself to get where I wish to be. These days I am practicing, "fake it until I make it" as a way to trick myself into accepting the things I cannot change.  Most days as of late, this works to motivate me to stay focused on what is really important.  I'm looking forward to being 40 and Fabulous!

I've had to take a hard look inside and out so I can work on the things that need my attention the most.  Due to my body changing, I've actually had to really pay attention to the food that I am eating balanced with scheduled time for working out --which is all new to me! I've never had to lose weight in my adult life ---- until now!

During the past month, I've primarily been focusing on food & getting back to the basics.  I've also taken to "counting calories" - which is something I thought I'd NEVER do!  I found a great site that has a very simple FREE "food journal" that is easy to use, easy to access and it does all the work for you! [well, tracking and adding anyway!]
Check it out in a new tab: 

I've been reminded of how much of a competitor I am which has been an added benefit to utilizing the site.  I want to WIN every day in the battle of the food journal.  I want to "see green" in the balance sheet at the end of the day.  [This is a simple break-down of "under" or "over" in regards to your daily nutrition & activity].  It's actually become a great motivational tool! [the above snapshot was taken after lunch - this doesn't include my entire day!]
137 days & counting...

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