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02 November 2015


I've got exactly 45 days until my 45th Birthday!
(44 actually...forgot to hit "publish" yesterday!)

So... I thought hey, maybe I should restart this blog! Lots has changed in the past 5 years since I dropped Doing 40 like a hot potato!
Looking back, I'm not sure why I stopped so abruptly (other projects, work & life got in the way, I suppose) - but I do know that the changes I set out to make (and track here) 5 years ago are still very much with me today.

I figure Doing 40 still packs a punch - rather than it being the finish line for turning 40 - instead, now looking at how life is in my forties. 

Where has the time gone...?

I set out in January (the first month of my forties!) to put a lot more focus on my business E Morrissey Designs, making it more of a priority. At the time I was doing marketing and creative design work for a company (at their office). By making my business a priority,  I was able to eventually change that relationship into one that would allow me to work for them remotely. It was an exciting time - laying the groundwork for what was to (hopefully!) come.

During the year, my then boyfriend (now husband!) Kyle and I were also planning to make a BIG CHANGE to our living situation. The long story short is Kyle traveled (still does) for work 10 months out of the year. We were racking up serious flight miles and often leaving our house in Arizona empty. We made a decision to sell the house, buy and RV and become full-time nomads - working and living from the road! You can read more about that on our travel site We didn't make the decision quickly, but we really worked to make it happen! And we're still living, working and traveling this way - which we love!
 We also welcomed our niece Sophie, who was born in March!


We sold our house in February and hit the road full time in our new little house on wheels in March. It was exciting to say the least! There is something very freeing about letting go of "stuff" - neither of us have ever been pack rats (thankfully!) but downsizing our space by 70% took some effort.

It was a very busy year! Kyle worked just about every week on the PGA Tour and I was billing an average of 30 hours a week also. Picking up and moving our house every 7 days or so along the way left no room for any real "down time." We did find our new "winter" home at ViewPoint RV Resort in Mesa, which we have now returned to for the 4th season. We've settled into a great yearly schedule of being on the road for 6 months, then setting up stakes in Mesa for 6 months. Most of Kyle's events in October, January and February are on the west coast -so he jumps a flight to those.

2013 - 2015
The past three years have been filled with some highs and some lows, lots of miles traveled and a continued focus to work hard, spend as much time with friends and family as possible and to care for ourselves through prayer, nutrition and fitness.

Here's some of the good stuff!
Kyle finished 2nd at the PGA Tour Northern Trust Open Event in L.A. with Charlie Beljan!

We love all things NASCAR and were able to go to Daytona 500 in Florida and the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis!


Our third niece, Skylar, was born in California!  

The past 2 years, Kyle has also worked on the tour. He's met some new young players and we got to travel to places we hadn't visited before. We've also made some new friendships during the past couple of years with people we never would have had the chance to meet if we weren't in those new cities!

We've already visited most of the MLB parks, so this past year hit up as many Minor League Ball Games that would could and Kayaking has also become a new love of ours. We're planning (hoping!) to strap a couple on the back of the RV for 2016 roadtrip!

All in all it's been quite a ride for the past 5 years - the first half of my forties - we're healthy, strive to put God first and have lots to be thankful for! I'm happy to be back to Doing 40 and hope you'll enjoy the journey with me!

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